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Vasculitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the small vessels  

of the skin. It may only affect your skin or may also involve the arteries

and veins of your internal organs as well.

If you have bumps on your skin that may just look like a rash or insect bites

you may have Vasculitis, just like our patient in the below photo.

The disease may attack the skin all over or be limited to one area on your

skin such  the rash on the buttock as shown on the two of out patients above.

The above photo is another patient of us that presented with purplish tender

breakout on the skin. These lesions might be the first manifestation of a

serious internal disease, Vasculitis.

There are many different skin or internal diseases that can present like the

above rash. Some of them may resolve with a simple treatment like a

topical cream with no serious consequences expect. Others need immediate

diagnosis and treatment to prevent progression of the disease.

Dr. Rehman  can diagnose these diseases just by looking at and touching your skin lesions.

If an internal disease is suspected, a simple blood test or skin biopsy can help to make or confirm the diagnosis and guide the proper treatment.

Delayed diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases may lead to further progression of the disease including involvement of the internal organs. This may complicate treatment and recovery.

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