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Have the cause of your rash diagnosed today

Whether your rash has just appeared or has been troubling you for years, a dermatologist in your city Lahore can help you not only determine the cause of your rash and provide treatment tailored specifically to you, but also avoid future flare-ups.

Rashes can be acute, meaning that they appear suddenly and spread rapidly. Chronic rashes, on the other hand, may trouble you intermittently for months or even years at a time.

Rashes can be caused by a reaction to something inside of your body, such as an infection or autoimmune disorder, or outside of your body, involving primarily the skin.

Internal Causes of Rashes

A rash can be the first sign of disease inside your body, such as an infection, chemical imbalance, autoimmune disorder, allergic reaction, cancer, or toxins, among other causes. Even though the rash appears on the surface of your skin, it can involve and affect your internal organs. For example, a vasculitis is an inflammation of your blood vessels, which can cause a skin rash.

Undiagnosed rashes may lead to delayed treatment or progression of disease. If you are concerned by a rash, feel free to call us at +92-333-7422422 to make an appointment to see Dr. Rehman. Early diagnosis often leads to more effective treatments and better outcomes.

External Causes of Rashes

Rashes can also result from infection of the skin itself, or a reaction to an external irritant such as poison oak. In such cases, Dr. Habib ur Rehman will evaluate your skin to make a clinical diagnosis, based on your history and symptoms. If necessary, he is able to perform a small biopsy of the affected skin to confirm the diagnosis and start proper treatment. Once a diagnosis has been determined, treatment may be as simple as a prescription topical cream that can immediately alleviate symptoms or cure the rash permanently.

The good news is, regardless of the nature of cause of your rash, it is almost always treatable under the care of an experienced dermatologist.

Schedule an appointment call +92-3337422422 to have Dr. Rehman evaluate your skin and determine the best course of treatment, tailored to your needs and goals.

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